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136 pounds in 9 months - that is as fast as bariatric surgery.

Let Me Help You Become Your Own Success Story Join us at Raw Food Boot Camp as I did these women

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Morbidly Obese to
Fit and Healthy with
Raw Food and Exercise


Here is My Weight Loss Story

I have spent most of my life morbidly obese. Yes there were thin times, but to be that way required either no food, drugs, or a combination of barely any food and too much exercise. At 15 years old I weighed 185 pounds. I'm only 5'1", so you can imagine how I looked. Through drugs and walking 8 miles three days a week and not eating, I dropped 60 pounds between my softmore and junior year in high school. Through marriage and children I somehow kept my weight fluctuating between 140 and 160, still pretty heavy for a small woman. After the divorce, or actually right when I decided it was time for a divorce, I was able to drop down to 115 thanks to drugs, half a tuna sandwich a day, and a lot of dancing. Not something you can really keep up. And I couldn't. It was back to fighting off 160, then 190 pounds. I did it one more time, in my early 30's. I cut all fat out of my diet and basically lived on home made bread, no sugar, no eggs, no oil. I got back down to 140 with a lot of exercise and kept it off for about a year when all of a sudden I started breaking out in huge dry spots. Knowing lack of fat was the problem, I ate cheese, had a gallbladder attack, started having hot flashes, and gained over 100 pounds within a year. More weight was to come as the years progressed. My top weight was 264 pounds. For fifteen years, I tried every diet out there, I exercised my heart out, and all that would ever happen was I would lose about 10 pounds of water, then slowly gain more weight as I increased my exercise. There was one short spurt of starvation in all that where I lost 50 pounds, but you know how that goes, as soon as I started eating normal it all came back.

In May of 2005, I was sitting at home contemplating the probability that I would never lose the weight and be morbidly obese the rest of my life. I was depressed, actually shocked at the revelation that nothing would help. My mind wandered around bariatric surgery. My interest grew in the final fix of gastric bypass surgery. Luckily, I saw a news article around that time that said people on raw vegan diets are thin but their bones are strong. I hadn't heard of any such diet, but my curiosity was peaked. Then I saw the movie AFTER SUNSET with Woody Harrelson. In the behind the scenes footage, Woody was talking about his Raw Food diet. His raw food chef was getting people to try smoothies. It was then I started my research and began this miraculous journey.

I won't lie and say there hasn't been times when eating only raw food was hard. Cravings happen as they do on any diet. There are mornings I wake up and don't want to exercise. But I steadily lose half a pound a day. Some days I don't lose anything. I have even gained half a pound a few days, but on average I can count on that 1/2 pound everyday. That is an average of 15 pounds a month, 180 pounds a year. Talk about fast weight loss. That alone keeps me motivated.

I eat more food now than I have at any time in my life. I never worry if it's too much, or too little. I eat until I'm full and whenever I am hungry or just feel like it. I think nothing of sitting down and eating four oranges one right after the other, or a whole pound of grapes. My salad can fill a two-quart bowl, what do I care. As long as I eat raw fruits and vegetables with some added nuts and seeds, I will reach my optimal weight. No doubts no worries. That's what raw food can do for you.

And when you are done losing weight, and you are no longer suffer from morbid obesity, you won't have to worry about gaining it back because raw food gets to you. You come alive with energy, see possibilities that had been out of focus for so long. You will change how you view food, naturally. And if by chance you don't maintain a raw food lifestyle after you lose the weight and you gain some back, all won't be lost. You will always have raw to fall back on.

I feel as though a fairy godmother has tapped me on the head with her magic wand and said: "Okay, its time. You can be thin and healthy." I watch TV or the news and see how many diet pills and bariatric surgeons are out there trying to snare us, the morbidly obese, into risking our lives for their unproven techniques. We all know the only safe way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. And now, I'm telling you, there is a diet out there that works.

I have started a website, RawFoodBootCamp.com, for us, the morbidly obese, to support one another in a journey to health. I beg you, if you are contemplating bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass surgery for fast weight loss, please give raw food a try before you risk your life for something you can achieve on your own in the same amount of time.

Morbid obesity does not have to plague us any longer. Give raw food a try and maybe together we can show the world that bariatric surgery is not the only hope for the morbidly obese. Gastric bypass surgery can kill you. Eating raw foods will make you healthy. Both offer fast weight loss. Both will let you post before and after pictures. One offers a life-time of malnutrition, the other offers abundance, joy, energy, and a glow of well-being so strong everyone will ask how. Choose wisely. I know I did, and I beat obesity, once and for all.

Click here to read my journal as I lost the weight in 2005

Raw Food Boot Camp

Raw Food Boot Camp has helped many women obese and overweight to lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time with 100% raw or high raw eating program. Click here to learn more.

Services Offered
Fastest Weight Loss
Raw Food Boot Camp®

This is a tough program, but it works and it works fast. It is health based. We use 80-100% low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw foods and walking for weight loss that is as fast as gastric bypass and other weight loss surgery.

We work as a group with daily discussions and audios, and then each member has a personal daily log with me for individualized guidance and accountability.

When the program is followed, a loss of 70-100 lbs in 6 months is the average loss. I know that sounds crazy, but we get it and great health from the raw foods and walking.

This is the program I started immediately after losing my weight in 2005. And it's the diet I used to lose my weight.

This diet is perfect for the all or nothing type of dieters. You bring the all, and I will help you fight off the nothing!

Fast Weight Loss
Whole Foods Boot Camp

This is a subsidiary of Raw Food Boot Camp, but without the raw food requirement. Not everyone can do raw. In this program a minimum of 50% of your diet will be fruits and veggies raw or cooked. The other 50% will be made up of whole foods that are also low fat, low sodium, and low sugar.

The first two weeks, you and I will work together to define your individualized diet using our Finding Your Perfect Diet methods.

As our daily audios and discussions at Raw Food Boot Camp revolve around breaking fat brain lies and habits, cutting the cord with emotional eating, and taking responsibility for our relationship with food, you will be part of the RFBC group in our daily discussions.

Weight loss is a little slower with this type of diet, but if you follow the program and do the walking, you can lose 60-80 lbs in six months.

This diet requires that you want to get healthy as well as lose the weight. I'm not good at coaching for quick weight loss without the healthy part. You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian, but you have to be low fat, low sodium, and low sugar.

If you are doing a diet like Dr. Fuhrman or McDougal or Andrew Weil, you may follow their guidelines. In your log with me, you will be accountable to the diet, and with the group, you will be working on changing forever, not just for weight loss.

Like RFBC, juicing, fasting, and cleanses are not allowed.

Steady Weight Loss
New Programs Coming this Summer/Fall
Finding Your Family's Perfect Diet to Help Your OverWeight Child

Helping the obese is my passion. Preventing obesity in children, is well, what is greater than passion. Hope, dream?

Breaking Fat Brain Behaviors