Carlene Beat Obesity

I Beat Obesity and So Can You

132 lbs in 9 Months with a Healthy Diet and Hiking

After I beat obesity in 2005, the women who followed my journey asked me to support them.

So, I opened an on-line support program called Raw Food Boot Camp and helped them beat obesity too!

I learned the hard way. Being thin isn't a cure for obesity.

Without tackling the underlying food issues all lost weight comes back.

To beat obesity you must change. I had to. You need to as well.

For more than 13 years I have recorded daily audios for the ladies at Raw Food Boot Camp to motivate, encourage and teach them ways they too can beat obesity by changing their food habits and obesity mindset.

I now offer these ideas of change for free over at Change With Carlene.

The podcasts speak about all types of mindset change not just weight loss.

The #1 Most Important Thing I Learned

You don't beat obesity just because you get thin.

You beat obesity with patience and perseverance as you struggle to redefine your relationship to food.

The hardest part about beating obesity is the realizaiton you can never go back to old ways.

The greatest part of beating obesity is living life free of the weight game obsession.

I beat obesity. I wish you the struggles needed to beat obesity and the courage to never give up on yourself.

Carlene Beat Obesity