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Carlene Jones

Helping Women Beat Obesity Since 2005

Why Choose Me as your Weight Loss Coach?

I Know Obesity Intimately

Weight Loss Coach Carlene's Before and Afters - IBeatObesity.com
I was obese as a child, as a teen, and as an adult.

I know what you're going through. The fears, the humiliation, the never being in family photos, not wanting to sit in theater or airplane seats because of the spill over into other's seats. Being called "flubso" in front of my crush. Having a parent so ashamed of me he would insult me in public to get me to lose weight. And worse, not having the energy to keep up with my children.

I have my own funny and tragic stories to tell. Stories so many of us share.

I also know what it takes to keep the weight off. How to learn to talk yourself out of eating late at night or when no one's looking. I understand the journey and know what it takes to make it through.

True peer to peer coaching. I get you like few other obesity weight loss coaches can.

I Beat Obesity in 2005

132 lbs in 9 months!

How? With a low fat, low sodium, low sugar, raw food diet plan and lots of hiking. I kept my journal from that time. It's here on this website. You can click here to read my weight loss journal. 9 months worth.

While losing the weight was not as hard as I thought it would be, keeping it off was harder. The first year was the hardest because I believed being thin was a cure. Unfortunately, it isn't. It takes hard work to beat obesity. I learned the hard way, but it was worth every effort.

Work with me and I will show you how you can beat obesity.

I Have Been an Online Weight Loss Coach for over 13 Years

I opened Raw Food Boot Camp® in December of 2005 to support the women who followed my journal so they could lose their weight too. I have worked with hundreds of obese women since then and have learned so much about obesity, food and exercise.

  • It's not just about food and exercise.
  • It's about our fat brain mindsets.
  • It's about our eating habits.
  • It's about our fears of both failure and success.
  • It's about seeing food as comforter, friend and even lover during stressful and emotional times.
  • It's about using our fat suits as a shield.

Don't worry. Thin people have similar issues as us, but they don't gain weight as easily as we do. In fact, people with less than 30 lbs to lose have struggled more to lose and maintain their weight than those with over 100 lbs to lose.

The Most Important Thing I Learned

That losing weight is easy. It's keeping it off that's hard.

Those in the middle of their weight loss journey may argue this point with me. And in fact that first year of Raw Food Boot Camp, one of the first members, Frecs (who eventually lost 111 lbs with me) came to camp all upset because her mother had said that exact quote to her. "Losing weight is easy. It's keeping it off that's hard." When Frecs told me this, I naively countered: "You have to lose the weight first."

But Frecs' mother was right!

We spend so much of our lives trying to lose weight, we lose sight of what is required to make that weight loss permanent.

We want fast weight loss and we want it yesterday.

Frecs Results with Weight Loss Coach Carlene

Unfortunately, it is not just the food and/or lack of exercise that feeds the fat suit.

We must question why.

There are many more whys, and they all have to be answered and a plan has to be made on how to tackle them. If not, they will keep you on the weight loss rollercoaster.

Don't despair, again, many thin people have the same exact issues.

But we have to beat these issues if we want to be thin for life.

It may not be fair, but it is the truth.

As your weight loss coach, my job is to teach you how to beat the whys and

to get over the it's not fair and teach you how to:

I Draw from 13+ Years of Experience Coaching Obese Women to Beat Obesity

Here are Before And Afters from 2019 For Some of My Clients

Over the years, I have evolved. At first, I believed since losing the weight was easy for me with my all or nothing, goal driven mindset, that it would be easy for everyone. I started Raw Food Boot Camp with a drill sergeant persona. Some loved it, some feared it, and others just downright hated me for it.

But that was then. I now understand the obesity mindset. I get the fears and hesitations of giving up fat, salty and sweet foods and the role they play in people's lives.

Now, instead of being the food police, I work with you on where you are. I use the skills I have gained over the years to show you how to break your own individual fat brain thoughts and how to rethink, train your thin brain, on what you need to do to overcome old habits.

I work with you. Who you are, not who I expect or want you to be.

I will never coddle and I will counter every excuse you can come up with. But I listen, I care, and I use all the knowledge I have to help you out of any pit you may fall, any dark well of lost hope, any fear you have used your fat suit to shield you from.

I will point out where you self-sabotage or subconsciously manipulate yourself so you can have access to old favorite foods.

I will teach you how to silence the whiny child within and teach her all about time-outs.

All this without judging you or making you feel less than. It is my job to support you, guide you and teach you.

I am passionate about helping women beat obesity!

As a Weight Loss Coach, what do I offer?

For now, I do all my group coaching at Raw Food Boot Camp. Private coaching is paid through there as well, but we work independantly of it.

  • You can hire me to work privately with you via email and texting.
    • Work outside of Raw Food Boot Camp Privately with Carlene
  • You can join Raw Food Boot Camp and work within a group setting.
    • Group Only
    • Some Access With Carlene in Group Setting
    • Daily Accountability With Carlene in Group Setting
Weight Loss Coach Carlene Price List

Will I make you do a Raw Food Diet Plan?


You can bring any whole food healthy diet plan with you. My job is to guide you not make you a vegan or raw foodist. Yes, I know it's called Raw Food Boot Camp, but we've been RFBC for a very long time. And while we support all healthy whole food diet plans, it's hard to give up a known brand.

I am not a raw foodist, a vegan, a vegetarian, or any other defined food coach. I believe in whole foods, healthy foods. If I were to call myself anything, it would be: Wholefoodist / Healthfoodist.

If we eat for health within the guidelines our bodies require then we get to live well.

I was an obese vegan, an obese vegetarian, an obese every diet out there. I even gained weight on a raw food diet plan when I added lots of nuts, raw candy and raw bars.

It wasn't until I learned that it was not the food that defined me but the desire to make my body, the body I lived in, healthy. Yes, my low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet plan allowed me to lose weight fast, something my personality required, and we use it at Raw Food Boot Camp for those women who want to drop weight fast and healthfully. Others choose a whole food diet plan for steady weight loss. The truth is though, few who go after fast weight loss with a raw food diet plan want to live 100% raw after they hit goal. So, as we get close to goal, we start transitioning to a whole food diet plan they can live on happily for life.

That's how I choose to live!

What Diets do I recommend?

My own raw food diet plan that offers fast healthy weight loss.

My own whole food diet plan for steady healthy weight loss vegan, vegetarian or omnivore

Dr. McDougall's plan tweaked for weight loss for the obese.

Dr. Furhman's plan tweaked for weight loss for the obese.

Whole 30 plan for regaining health.

I will work with you on any whole foods diet, even Keto if you are willing to tweak for your own personal health and weight loss.

Working with me is a commitment for change, not a quick fix so you can hurry back to old ways.

Do I supply menu plans?

No. The reason is, each person has their own plan. I will work with you to tweak what you feel is the right diet for you so you can achieve weight loss, but I won't plan out your daily meals.

Instead, together we will work out the perfect diet for you. But you have to work with me. It's you the diet has to satisfy and it's your body it has give results.

This turns some people off. I wish it didn't. I am a firm believer that it is only when we take full responsibility for our weight that we can beat obesity.

Why do I believe so strongly in a low fat, low sodium, low sugar diet?

Because my passion is to help obese women!

Face it, most diets are not geared toward the obese. They are for short-term diets giving 40 to 50 lbs gone if that.

Most obese women do not lose weight easily. We are the queens of dieting. We have studied every diet out there, we have tried them all. Some healthy some on the verge of dangerous. We have exercised our hearts out and got nowhere.

When I started Raw Food Boot Camp, I saw the amazing results I received from my low fat, low sodium, low sugar diet, worked for other obese women with the same speed and health. I needed to know why our diet worked where other same calorie, even vegan diets failed. Read my article Vegan and Overweight What Gives? on the Young and Raw ezine.

It's about the sugar!

Yes, fruit has sugar. But we eat low glycemic load fruit. It turns out these low glycemic load fruits have lots of fiber and that sugars attach themselves to the fiber and break down slower in our gut giving our pancreas and liver more time to process them rather than overwhelm them. I've written a few researched articles about this.

Most obese women are insulin resistant. It's why so many of us have PCOS. It's also why low carb diets work for us better than any other diets out there. Our bodies can't handle complex starches or high sugar foods.

It's why so many of the women I work with are borderline diabetics or full-blown adult onset diabetics.

So many people are afraid of fruit, but not all fruit is created equal. Some fruit aides in weight loss. Read my article Fruit: the Anti Obesity Food on the ezine Live Love Fruit.

It's About the Fat!

I remember the first time I was introduced to Dr. McDougall. He wrote about a blood sample taken after someone had eaten a cheeseburger for lunch and the amount of fat globules in the blood.

Coming from a family with bad hearts, this hit home.

When in 2004 and I was so depressed, I couldn't stand my life, I did a lot of research. I learned a lot about fatty livers and how they affect our overall health.

I know diets like Atkins and now Keto have proven to offer great weight loss and even helped diabetics. They scare me though because of how precious my liver is. It took me 9 months to get my liver clean and get back to good health. I now hold it dear and am very protective of the type of fat I let into my body.

And again, fatty livers are tied to PCOS and insulin resistance. Read a researched article I wrote about Fatty Liver Disease, PCOS and Obesity.

To be healthy we need a healthy liver! Clogging it with saturated fats is not a good plan for long-term health.

It's About the Salt!

We don't get this until it's too late, but salt is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. We are so addicted to it that food without it tastes awful.

I saw an article that talked about parrots being addicted to poppy seeds. It was an attempt to show how highly addictive opium is. But did you know that in Peru there is a salt lick that macaws and parrots can't stay away from?

Salt as addictive as opium? Maybe you won't believe that. Until you try and give it up. It is the biggest reason women give into cravings.

Salt also causes swollen joints and tissues. Making movement harder.

Get to Know Me!

Personal things about me

Oh, haha you wanted to know more about me as a weight loss coach.

My favorite sayings are:

Falling is not failing. Quitting is. ~Me

Life is too important to be taken seriously. ~Oscar Wilde

If I worry and nothing happens, I worried for nothing. If I worry and it comes to pass the worrying did nothing. ~Krishna. (I think and heavily paraphrased.)

My Favorite Raw Food Boot Camp Story

I have always called her Miracle Jan

Jans Results with Weight Loss Coach Carlene

The first year of Raw Food Boot Camp was amazing. Me as drill sergeant weight loss coach for the obese and the women who joined as willing soldiers in a great battle. The success was staggering. Of course, the most amazing change was with Jan. On Christmas of 2005, she sat in her chair, shaking and crying from the pain she suffered through her MS. Soon, her wheelchair was to arrive and steal her last vestige of hope. She believed she had seen her last Christmas.

Raw found her a little before us, but it was the higher fat, sodium and sugar raw and she hadn’t made many changes. She was one of the first to sign up to Raw Food Boot Camp® on Dec 28th, 2005.

A month and a half into RFBC, she walked a 5K! Four months into RFBC, she walked a 10K. Her MS was in remission, and she was on top of the world. She moved from a hospital bed in her living room back upstairs to be with her husband. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was hard work in the beginning. She would walk multiple times a day from her chair in the living room through the dining room, around the kitchen and back to her chair. It was painful, but she did it. Why? Because, like me, she had seen that glimmer of hope and believed in it.

Beating Obesity Requires Patience, Perseverance, Practice and the Courage to Get Back Up After a Fall

If you want to beat obesity once and for all
Hire me as your weight loss coach
But be prepared to work hard so you too can step out of your fat suit for good!

© 2005-2019 Carlene Jones