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Raw Food Diet


Diets don't get too much simpler than RAW. Especially since we are talking Vegan Raw. Vegan means no meat, no dairy, no eggs. So Vegan Raw means all the raw fruits and vegetables you can eat with limited nuts, seeds, and oil.

Now I know that sounds restrictive, and already you are balking about giving up all the tasty things in your life, so I don't want you to think of this as forever. Maybe later, after you have lost all your weight, you will. But for now, let's talk in terms of dieting to lose 100+ pounds. Everyone knows they should eat more fruits and vegetables, and of course they don't. This is why we have become such an unhealthy nation. Raw asks that you eat only uncooked fruits and vegetables, as much as you want of them, whenever you want them. No other diet says eat until your heat is content. If you need crunchy have a fist full of nuts or a piece of celery. If you need sweet, eat a plum or a pound of grapes.

Yes, at first this is hard, but it gets easier and then one day you wake up and realize that you aren't thinking about what you are going to eat or that you are tired of eating raw, you just go on with your life living raw, losing weight, thinking about other things. Food is an addiction for those of us who have suffered with morbid obesity, and like all addictions we can break it. It's not like cigarettes or alcohol though where you stop and never taste it again, we have to eat and because we have to eat we find the "Lays Effect - bet you can't eat just one" tripping us up every time. For me, going raw was as close to giving up food as I could get, but yet I was always full and satisfied. Why, because losing weight was more important to me than eating a steak or a bowl of popcorn or cheesecake. I find after a exercise I am craving oranges, sometimes I can't wait to get home and eat a Granny Smith apple, or a cucumber. It doesn't happen the first week, but it does happen.

There is a lot on the internet about Raw Food. You will need to do your research. On the RawFoodBootCamp.com website there are many resources for you to investigate this extraordinary diet. When you are researching you will find that there are a number of different theories and eating plans in raw. The gurus, as we like to call them, differ on various aspects of the diet. Some eat high fat, some eat very low fat, some only eat organic, some want you to clean up every aspect of your house and live a natural hygiene lifestyle. If you do enough research, you will eventually find your own style of raw, because what works best for you is what is best for you. When you first start, don't worry about all of that. Focus on eating what we call Simple Raw. No dehydrator, no complex recipes. This will give you the fastest weight loss. Also limit your fat intake to no more than 20% per day. There is a free nutrition analysis tool at www.fitday.com. Learn to use it and keep track of what you are eating.

Where do you get your protein is probably the most asked question Raw Fooders have to answer on a daily basis. Leafy greens, nuts, and seeds are the answer. You can also supplement your diet with raw hemp seed which is a high protein source, but protein isn't something Raw Fooders worry about. If you eat right you will get enough. It will be less than what you think you need, but it will be clean, easily assimilated protein that your body absorbs much better than the protein you get from meat or dairy.

So what would a typical day's menu look like?

2-3 Pears
1-2 Bananas

Bowl of cherries


2-3 Oranges

Fist full of raw cashews

Small Watermelon

X-Large Salad with oil based dressing (all raw)

Celery & Carrot sticks

See nothing here that satisfies you? Think again. Eating this way could save your life. Taste buds changes, cravings change. Yes, you will have to fight through cravings in the beginning, just like every other diet. But, unlike every other diet, raw works. If you do Simple Raw, limit your fats, and eat your greens, you will lose weight as fast as those who are having surgery. I did!