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Carlene's Weight Loss Journal

Mon Jun 6, 2005 1:09PM

Today is my first day raw this time around. I tried going raw last month, made it a week and a half, lost 10 pounds, all my energy, and brain power. Hopefully, things will go better this time. I have read more and analyzed what may have gone wrong last time.

After about the sixth day of 100% raw, nothing seemed to wake me up. I would sit in front of my computer staring, not remembering how to program (which is how I make a living). I needed two naps a day, just to get to bedtime. Odd as it was I could sleep all day and it did not interfere with my sleeping at night.

I also was clogging my gall bladder which was causing a great deal of discomfort.

One of my biggest problems with raw is that I have never liked salads. I love cooked broccoli and spinach but have never liked any of the other green vegetables such as kale and collards. I did juice that week and a half but taking 45 minutes to make half a glass of juice that didn't give me the energy everyone speaks of became quite the chore.

This time I hope to do things differently. Although Alissa asks for 100% raw, I may only be 90%. I am going to add hemp protein to my morning smoothy along with a green mix, and am open to adding raw egg whites if I start to lose energy or go back into brain fog. I am also going to cook my yams every few days until I find a way to enjoy them raw.

As for the gall bladder, it took two olive oil/lemon flushes with a lot of pain in between to clean out the sludge (and there was a ton of it) that filled my gallbladder after just one week of raw. I'm hoping that is part of detoxing for me. I also get clogged lymph nodes and am hoping to clean out my lymphatic system as well.

Needless to say by my photo, I have a lot of weight to lose, which would be nice. I have tried macrobiotics, vegetarianism, and veganism, but none helped me lose weight. My ultimate goal is radiant health and a long life. Strangely, as an obese, middle-aged woman bordering on diabetes, I am not so much looking for a cure as a lifestyle that fosters joy.

Wed Jun 8, 2005, 11:05 AM

Well, I'm on day 3 100% raw, but I am having hemp protein every day. Feeling good, slightly energized. Yesterday was okay, but I did have to take a nap. Today I haven't needed one. My blood sugar hasn't gone down, still at 105 fasting, but that's not enough to worry. I've lost 3 pounds. I am still not a fan of raw veggies but am eating them.

I think last time one of my mistakes may have been trying to eat too much. I was so worried that I had to eat so many fruits and veggies that I may have overdosed on them. This time, I'm eating when I'm hungry and not worrying if I'm eating enough. I'll let my body dictate instead of fear or rules.

Fri Jun 10, 2005 4:50AM

Day 5 and going strong. There was some temptation yesterday, but it only lasted an hour or so and was pretty easy to get past. I've started stretching in the morning and am continuing my 4-6 10 minute walks with the dogs, stepping it up a pace. I'm not going to add too much more exercise right now. Last time I overdid, as I usually do, and it zapped my energy feeding into my reasons to quit.

I set up a nightly email with my best friend in CA. She's doing weight watchers with a switch to the fat flush. We set a goal to lose 50 pounds each this summer, of course, my goal is to be 100% vegan and 80-90% raw for life. I'm already visualizing thinness accompanied by radiant health.

Sun Jun 12, 2005 5:08AM

Day 7. I've lost 7.5 pounds. The forum is really helping to keep me motivated.

Yesterday I went to a barbeque at my daughter's. Turns out she hadn't bought any food, so I had to stop and buy it all, chips, burgers, potato salads, etc. I wasn't too worried about not staying raw because I'm still in the excited about the life change mode and most events I'm either vegan, or fasting, or something so I don't usually eat. This time though my goal is to celebrate food, not just avoid it, so I also bought a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables and made two bright decorative dishes to add to the table. Of all the food the fruit went the fastest.

I did pig out on fruit all day and this morning I'm feeling the results, I think. I woke up tired and my legs were sore on my morning walk. My blood sugar was 2 points above what it has normally been for the past 6 months, and my energy level is low. It could be I had too much sugar, I also ate a lot of grapes and I've always had a hard time with wine, so maybe that's it.

But... I am nowhere at the point I was last time I tried raw. I believe in mind over matter, and on my way back from my walk decided I didn't have to be tired so I'm going to put on my happy cap and head back to my daughters to help clean up.

I would like to update my last journal entry about wanting to be 80-90% raw for life. I've since received and read Alissa's book. It was very motivating. One thing really stood out for me -- when she talked about going cold turkey from cooked foods. Cold Turkey is an art for me. I have always said if I could just give up food completely I could be thin and healthy, but food always had that Lays affect for me, can't just eat just one. Well, on raw I can eat as many apples and blueberries I want. Pig out on fresh grown cucumbers and string beans and never feel guilty. If I can do this long term, this will be the most perfect diet of my life.

My goal, 100%. For Life!!!

Mon Jun 13, 2005, 4:36 AM>

My first week 100% is officially done. I lost 9 pounds.

Yesterday morning I woke up tired. I attributed it to all the fruit and nuts I had eaten at the barbeque, but on my way back from my morning walk decided I didn't need to have low energy and decided to have a great day.

I did.

I thought I was all bound up, and maybe I still am, but I also was having menstrual cramps yesterday and thought they were something else. I've never had cramps so bad I had to take something, but last night I got up and took some Advil so I could sleep.

I wouldn't normally put something like this in a public journal, but I find it very interesting. For the past 14 years I have only had a period maybe twice a year, and never when vegan. It was when I would try and lose weight eating meat. I figured all the hormones the animals were shot up with was affecting my body and producing menses. Before starting raw, I had done a three-day alkaline flush followed by four days of vegan protein drinks only, an olive oil/lemon liver cleanse. I had a period. I did a week and a half raw, two weeks of the great McDonalds diet, an olive oil/lemon liver cleanse, then back to raw for a week and I have my period again.

Maybe my body is starting to work again. I definitely am feeling great.

Today I go out to Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life cafe for lunch. I am very excited to see what long term raw foodists who like to cook, dehydrate and satisfy all their cravings eat.

Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:26PM

Just thought I'd journal tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I have to actually go to work work tomorrow. How I hate that. So, it will be my first raw day in an office. I plan on bringing a salad and some fruit. I should be fine.

Today I had lunch at the Tree of Life Cafe run by Gabriel Cousens. It wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. The way my friend described it, I thought I would go to a buffet with all these scrumptious things to try. I guess I was thinking more snacks and desserts. It was mostly salad with an entrée. Some of it was very good, but I have no idea what I was eating or what was in it so even though I borrowed one of Cousens’ book I don't know how to remake anything. That was a bummer.

In the end, after eating all the sauces and pate's I think I really prefer simple. Nothing sent me over, so, for now, I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

I was out in the sun a lot today, I can feel my lips chapping, and I'm pretty tired.

Oh, I know what I wanted to add. This made me laugh. I bought a bag of flax crisps. Italian. I got them home and tried one. It was pretty good. I turned the box over by habit to read the nutritional label. It said 9 crisps were a serving. All I could think of was, I can't eat nine of these, what are they thinking! Of course two weeks ago I could eat a bag of potato chips.

Tue Jun 14, 2005, 4:16 AM

I know I wasn't going to write this morning because I want to get into evening journaling, but I woke up with so much energy today. I was exhausted last night and went to bed by 9. I was up at 4 this morning waiting for some sign of daylight. I finally got up at 4:30 and the dogs and I had to wait an hour and a half before we could go for our walk. (Koyotes).

I had so much energy that ten minutes after our walk, we took another, then half an hour later we had another. It was like my body needed to use up all that excess energy.

Anyway, I'm still cramping, but no longer bound which may have something to do with the huge salad I had yesterday at the cafe. I also have a growing headache.

Wed Jun 15, 2005 3:22 AM

This was my first morning without a weight loss, and it doesn't seem to bother me. Normally something like that bums me out for the day. I'm also at a sticky weight. I was half expecting this I guess and therefore may have created it myself. In the past 5 years whenever I've dieted this is the weight I have stopped at, sometimes even dieting for another month and pumping up the exercise. I have never gotten below it these past 5 years. So I'm just going to trust my new eating and not panic about it. I am feeling so many other benefits of raw, and I am today actually feeling as though I've lost weight, so I'm just going to spend the day pretending that I did.

Yesterday I had a great day, the energy I felt in the morning stayed with me throughout the day. I have to admit, this doesn't really feel like dieting to me. I eat what I want when I want. No cooking, no cleaning, no counting calories or measuring, and best of all no guilt. I'm just loving it.

Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:13 AM

Well, I lost half a pound yesterday, so maybe I'm not as stuck as I thought. Energy levels are waning a bit, or so I think, it's still early. I'm not as chipper though. That could be just because the euphoria of this diet is dying down now that it has become routine, or maybe because I'm not losing a pound a day as I was. Either way, it doesn't matter.

I'm determined to eat more greens. The green smoothie made me gag, so I'm going to have to stick with whole foods. Yesterday I picked up every green I could find so I can start trying them all. I also bought a variety of melons I've never tried before and Mexican Papaya. I figure if I'm going to do this I should sample everything and give myself a large list of tastes to choose from.

I met my neighbor while walking this morning. She had left me a jar of jam from her trip as thanks for watching her cats and watering her garden. I gave it back to her and explained that I'm all raw now. It started a fifteen-minute conversation -- positive conversation, and a wish of success. That was a nice way to start the day.

Oh yeah, I'm going out to a club tonight to listen to a friend of a friend's sing. I've already told everyone I'm not drinking, so it should be okay.

Fri Jun 17, 2005 4:31 AM

Yesterday was not a good day. At work, I had no energy, could barely stay awake and ate all of my fruit before lunch. The luxury of what I do is that I only work when I want to, so by 1 PM I left for the day and stopped over at my daughter's. I ate the food I had there and then pigged out on over half a cup of raw nuts while watching What the Bling to you Know and catnapped here and there. By the time my son-in-law got home, I was feeling better.

The night out on the town with friends wasn't at a bar, it turns out the J Bar is really a restaurant. So while everyone ate and drank, I (who had been eating all day) sat with my glass of water. It didn't bother me. I thought it might have. The smells didn't tantalize, watching others eat didn't make me envious, it was all okay. I grew tired early though and left around 9:30 PM, came home and fell asleep quickly.

This morning I woke up, saw that I had gained back the half pound I had lost yesterday, and felt like I could conquer the world. It's the same old thing I do every time I find a way to lose weight. I up the exercise and my body decides it should hold on to the fat. There have been times a month would not break the plateau and I would just give up.

Today, I'm not worried. I did up the exercise. A continuous hour of walking. We left at 6 AM, and it was cool outside. Too nice not to want to walk. The dogs loved it and so did I. It's part of my master plan though. I have these next four days I'm working from home. I figure it's the perfect time to up the exercise, live with not losing any weight, and having the time to take small naps if I have to. I have plenty of raw in the house and will eat as much as I want. I'm not afraid of this diet. For the first time, I think I can handle the plateau while I build a little muscle, and not worry so much about the weight loss.

I've got my enthusiasm back for the day, and am looking forward to all my little ten minute walks I'll still have to take with the dogs today.

Hopefully, I'll still be this chipper tomorrow morning. Hmm, the difference a day can make.


Same day evening. I just wanted to write to say how great my day was. I over walked, over 3 hrs today, but as I was coming back from one of these walks all I could think about was how happy I was. Not a we are the world kind of happy, just a feeling of genuine joy of being alive. I found myself wanting to call friends I haven't talked to in months just to say hi I was thinking of them.

I wrote a seven-page summary of critiques for a client's novel. I read the book last week and could recall just about every line, definitely every scene. I didn't have to look at notes or search the novel for reminders. It was very cool.

I did find I was eating a lot today. After I finished the summary and emailed it I decided to take a break, watch some TV and have some grapes. Well, there is nothing on TV without cable on Saturdays, so I automatically turned to PBS. I sat eating my grapes watching a cooking show.

I'm just in such a great spot right now with raw. I have no cravings, no sense of failure. I just feel better and better each day. I have never felt this good on any eating program.

I'll probably go to bed early tonight to make up for pushing on all the walks. Tomorrow I'm going out so I won't be so tempted to spend the day outside in the desert walking in circles.

Sat Jun 18, 2005, 4:04 AM

Well, good morning journal. I am feeling great. I lost a pound and a half yesterday, which is cool, but even cooler is that I'm starting to feel thinner. I'm noticing subtle changes that mean a lot.

Walking yesterday was an exercise in addiction for both me and the dogs. We ended up walking 14 laps around the property yesterday, cumulative that's 2 hours and 20 minutes. Those mid-day walks were hot but still invigorating.

I didn't accomplish much, it was more like a pamper myself day. I took a bath in jojoba oil. I'm really concerned about losing all this weight and having sacks of skin hanging off my body so I try to bathe in the oil a couple of times a week and then the other days rub my body down with it before I go to bed.

I'm still having trouble with the greens. I may have to go back to juicing, which I hate, but I think I really need to get those two bundles in a day with collards and kale. Not today, I want to enjoy today as much as I did yesterday with the side of getting some work done. You can't say you work from home if you don't do any work.

Last night I read RawPriestess's journal. It was very motivating and insightful. She was as excited about the diet as I am, sure she would make it and then had a few lapses. That was good to read, so I'm prepared if that happens to me, not to see it as a failure, just an obstacle to get over.

So I'm off on my day hoping to get some work done and enjoy all my walking.

Sun Jun 19, 2005 2:24PM

It is now nearing the end of my 14th day 100% raw. I am so thrilled. It was a breeze. I measured myself this morning, I have lost an inch all over my body, an inch of my waist, an inch off my hips, chest, thighs and upper arms. I'll weigh myself again tomorrow morning to get the final 2-week weight drop, but I'm not expecting big results like last week.

I'm still walking, but have decided to keep it down to 2 hrs a day. I picked up my rowing machine from my daughters tonight so I might start that up again while watching TV.

Things I have already noticed: my double chin is half what it was two weeks ago, my skin is softer, my energy way up, my mood like light and my eyesight is steadily improving. If I can get my eyesight where I can pass the DMV test, I will never go back to cooked. Glasses give me headaches, and I believe they make your eyes lazy and worse, but seeing blur and doubles doesn't quite work either. Today I could read road signs clearly at least twice away as before I started. This is very exciting.

I wasn't very hungry today, and haven't really eaten much: my morning smoothie, half a melon, an ear of corn, four leaves of lettuce. I don't like to eat past eight and I still have another couple of walks to do with the dogs, so I'm thinking I'll have a bowl of cherries and call it a day. A 14th day. Yippie for me!!!


An addendum to my journal: I decided that I didn't eat enough today and I want to make sure I have energy tomorrow morning for my walks, so I had two celery stalks and a banana. It's pretty funny. I knew if I didn't eat anything else, I could guarantee a good scale reading in the morning. When I got back from my last walk of the day I realized energy was more important to me. Funny how priorities change.

Mon Jun 20, 2005, 5:06 AM

Well, today is day one of week 3 raw. I lost 3.5 pounds this week. Now, I could have said "only", but I am actually quite excited about it. This week I really started exercising, and in the past 15 years have not ever lost weight while exercising. So I am thrilled that I lost so much weight. That is a very good sign.

So I have an interesting story to tell about a dream I had last night. First, let me preface it with the fact that when I was young my father and I were at odds with each other. It was a major stumbling block in my life, but at 30 (18 years ago) we had it out and resolved or rather figured out what went wrong between us, and moved on. When he died 9 years ago I was the one at his side, the one he called for to ease his passing. With that said I find the dream I had last night very...well...something.

Last night I had three dreams, each related, but separate. In each dream, people were telling me that my father despised me. That from an early age (images of myself at 4 and 5) that my father saw me as a monster and wanted nothing to do with me. But it was wrong. I keep telling them that showing me these things and telling me these things was wrong because my father and I had resolved all of our issues. Then in all three dreams, it hit me. I'm detoxing. I even told each one of them: "This is just part of the cleanse from my raw diet, nothing more."

How odd is that? Emotional detox, not something I was expecting.

Tue Jun 21, 2005, 4:33 AM

Still going great. Walking this morning was harder than usual. It was already very hot at 5:30. It wasn't just me, a neighbor was running and asked if it was hot or if it was just her. But I got in my 9 laps. I took a pedometer with me. That was disappointing. I walked for an hour and twenty minutes and I only take 6752 steps. Granted with all the little ten minute walks I take every day I'm sure I get up to the 10,000 steps they say is what you should aim for, but... I'm out there all the time and just make it.

I didn't do the rowing machine. I forgot how lame that machine was. It's going out in the shed. I think I'm going to have to look at using hand weights for upper body work.

Good news, my friend who was going to do Weight Watchers, is in her third day of raw. Her first day she didn't lose any weight and wanted to ditch the whole idea, but I was a taskmaster luckily and the next day she dropped a pound and a half. I can't wait to hear from her today. She's loving it too. When she comes back from her vacation (which is why she wanted to lose the weight in the first place) she may just come back to raw. If so then you'll probably see her here.

This raw stuff is contagious. Even my mother is waiting to hear how I do after a month to see if she wants to give it a try. She's 74!

Today I'm working and then have my writer's group. We're going to a restaurant that serves vegan salads, so even my friends are supportive. It can't get much better than that.


Well, I guess today could be called my worst day of raw. I went to work but left early because my stomach was having problems I just can't get myself to share at work, and then for the rest of the day everything I ate made me nauseous.

I still went out to dinner. I only had a small salad, but on the way home I threw up. I haven't had the flu since 1979, so I'm not thinking I caught some kind of but, but I can't find anywhere in the archives where people were throwing up while detoxing.

The only thing I did differently today from my regular diet, is I added baby spinach to my morning smoothie. That's it. It shouldn't have made me sick. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. It was warm out on my morning walk, but you'd think that would have bothered me while I was doing it. It did get up to 109 here today, but I'm still thinking it's something to do with my body and raw.

These will be the trying times. Of course, it doesn't make we want to eat cooked, it makes me just not want to eat.

Wed Jun 22, 2005, 5:26 AM

Well, I'm feeling better today, or so I think. I haven't eaten yet, but have done my two hours of walking. Today it was over 11,000 steps. I took it slower than yesterday and drank water every two laps. It was also much nicer outside today, not as hot as yesterday and there was a breeze. I could have just been dehydrated yesterday. When I got to work I had cotton mouth and drank a liter of water within my first hour there. In the end, my summation of what happened to me yesterday still centers around raw. My body is going through so many changes. Two weeks ago, if my dog jumped on my forearm, she would cut me with her claws. My skin was like paper. Today, it still isn't perfect, but she jumped on me, scratched me and there was no mark. That is a cellular change.

I did have a few tempted moments yesterday. While I was waiting to leave for dinner, I was watching TV. The commercials for pizza and other cooked food got me wondering if I could really do raw for the rest of my life, then there was a commercial of this woman my age who looked radiant, and I realized that was so much more important to me than food. Temptation squashed!


Today I tried my first young coconut. The milk was very different tasting, not at all what I expected. I still haven't made up my mind if I liked it or not. I did drink it all. I just don't know what to do with the husk now. It doesn't look like it would compost well.

My tummy is still rumbling, but I ate pretty much what I wanted to today. I forgot I had bought Almond butter until after I had eaten 4 stalks of celery. Hopefully, I'll remember tomorrow.

I also tried a piece of a cherry Lara bar today. Whoa! That is sweet. I don't think I could eat more than the tiny piece I had, of course, I don't like sweets. Others here seem to love them.

Thu Jun 23, 2005, 12:34 PM

Today has just been a great day. I no longer feel ill and have a fair amount of energy. I didn't lose any weight today, but again, it just doesn't seem to bother me as it has on other diets.

I did wear a shirt today that had become too tight. It is now almost too big. That felt good. No one else is noticing, but I am.

On the way home this afternoon, I decided to go shopping. I bought a couple of nice enamel colanders to put my fruit in. My fridge is so jammed with stuff I can't tell what is what from all the plastic baggies, so I also bought some organizers. I just don't want to waste the food I'm buying by forgetting it is there. I also picked up a food processor. I finally watched Alissa's DVD. Boy those recipes were easy, and I'm thinking a few new flavors might do me well. I haven't picked up a dehydrator. I'm actually afraid of making crunchy salty things -- my downfall in life, although, after yesterday with some of the cracker recipes posted on the forum, I was very tempted. One said it tasted like Cheese-Its. I was drooling by the time I finished reading it.

My gall bladder has been bothering me these past few days, so tonight I'm going to do the olive oil/lemon juice liver cleanse, my old stand by to keep me pain free, so I won't be getting in my two hour walk in the morning which might be good, I've been walking so much my body probably will love the day off.

Fri Jun 24, 2005 7:30PM

Another good day, what can I say I am so comfortable on raw. Last night and this morning I did a liver cleanse. It was much calmer than previous cleanses, but still, I can feel my gall bladder. I figure as long as I know it's there it still needs work, so in a few weeks, I'll do it again. I never experience any side effects from it, so I'm assuming it can't hurt me.

This afternoon I worked with my son-in-law to load, unload and then spread manure for their new lawn. It felt good to be doing something other than walking for exercise. He later teased me about taking breaks, 2, I reminded him I was an old fat lady who sat at a computer all day. He's a commercial electrician, outside, heavy lifting all the time. He's so funny he thinks I should be able to keep up with him. Nice to know he never sees me as some fat old lady.

Great news from my friend today. After one week of raw, she is hooked. Although she is going on vacation with her family and doesn't think she'll be able to do raw, she plans on getting right back into it when she returns. And she is using the term lifestyle rather than diet. This is very cool for me. That's 2, 2 of my best friends doing raw with me. My other friend, who I went to the Tree of Life Cafe with, is either making me a raw dinner for helping her pick up plants for her yard or is going back to the Tree with me tomorrow night for dinner. She isn't 100%, but she is willing to be totally raw when it comes to sharing meals with me. How lucky can a woman get?

Oh, have I mentioned I'm feeling great and I love being raw?

Sat Jun 25, 2005, 4:44 AM

Just had to come and say, I woke up singing this morning and wanting to skip. Doesn't that just make you sick? Last night I dreamed I was in a health food store looking for Celtic salt. It was a store I had frequented and seemed to know the salespeople. While waiting for them to find the salt one of the young boys asked me about my diet. I told him I was raw. They seemed concerned that a woman my size and age would do such a drastic thing. So in my dream, I told them I had been raw for almost 3 weeks, was feeling better than I remember feeling in 15 years and couldn't imagine eating any other way. I just love that my inner self and my conscious self are on the same page.

Sat Jun 25, 2005, 6:53 PM

Today was my first time asking for raw food at a restaurant. We were too late to go to the Tree of Life Cafe today, so instead of having fruit for dinner, we decided to go to a local restaurant in Patagonia for salad. The menu had all these salads, but only one that was all raw, and besides lettuce had the three vegetables I never eat, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. When I asked if I could get spinach, lettuce, and carrots instead. I was told no. So I asked for a glass of water. My friend and I discussed leaving since she didn't want to eat when I wasn't going to. I insisted she did. She asked the waiter for more time. Then the owner came out and let me order my salad the way I wanted. Pretty cool.

Of course, something like that would never work when out with my daughter, she would have died if I made such a fuss, but it's nice to know my friends understand.

Oh yeah. This couple with a baby from the Tree ordered a big cheesy pizza. What was that about?

I'll get better at this. Oh did I mention it was a Pizza place? No temptations. That just amazes me.

Sun Jun 26, 2005 3:33PM

Today is my 21st day 100% raw. I've been tired all day, took a nap, had a bath, kept my walking to a minimum, and have accomplished nothing.

Actually, I think I've been tired from yesterday, hours in 106 degrees helping my friend get plants. And sad from last night. I didn't mention in last night's post, but on my way home from Patagonia a deer ran out from behind a guard post and hit the right front bumper of my truck. I've never killed a large animal before, and have just been sad about the whole thing.

As an aside. Being so bummed has not affected my diet. Usually, when I would get this depressed I'd head for the Ruffles. But nothing. I don't think much about my eating anymore, it's just part of my life.

I received an email from my friend on vacation today. She blew raw, but has got her whole family (mother, brothers, etc) interested in it. She emailed me for web addresses and was on her way out to buy tons of fresh fruits and veggies. Now that is exciting.

Mon Jun 27, 2005, 4:36 AM

3 weeks 100% raw, great success! I've lost 18.5 pounds, my blood sugar has been below 99 the last three times I checked it throughout the week. I'm aiming for 70, but I'm below what the American Diabetes Association considers the beginning of risk and that's good enough for me. My father died from this disease, and for 15 years before that he had given up living. I don't plan on following suit.

My mother called me last night. We are going on a ten-day road trip up to Oregon in a couple of weeks and she is getting ready for a rawful trip. She'll never be 100%, but she has already started having meals of just fruit. What a sweetheart. Actually, she was just diagnosed with diabetes and can't get under 120 (which is actually low compared to what my father used to be). Watching my father die was very hard on all of us, so I won't be surprised to see her go about 80%, especially after she spends ten days with me. Even though she is 74, she takes care of all these old people with so many aches and pains and dementia. If she thought she found something to help them she would become a huge advocate. We're still waiting to see how I do. I will have passed the 30-day mark before our trip, and just that my sugar has dropped almost 20 points since I started raw is a huge incentive.

Anyway, just checking in. I have all my energy back today and am starting the day off great.


One of the threads today spurred the researcher in me, so I spent a few hours looking for problems with the raw diet. I have read what the gurus have to say and wanted to hear more what the debunkers had to say. It was interesting the varying opinions out there, but one constant theme was B12 supplementation, another was long term (over 10 years) problems. I won't worry about that yet since I haven't even made it a month, but at least I know there are things to look for. I think I will start taking a B12 tab once a week and start eating a few more vegetables every day than I have been. My ultimate goal with raw is radiant health. If in a year or two that means making changes to my diet, then so be it, for now, I'm happy and feeling great and losing weight. I think I may start making some changes in my fruit. I have been eating a lot of the sweet fruits, I think I'll get back into the apple a day mindset. I've already cut back on all the bananas and am only eating one of those a day. I'm not worried about calories at this point (lack of), but I am concerned that I get a variety of nutrients every day.

Tue Jun 28, 2005, 6:09 PM

What can I say, another great day raw? Nothing much more to report. I had plenty of energy, clear-headedness, good mood, sated. It's just so every day for me know.

Wed Jun 29, 2005, 7:33 PM

I had a hard time concentrating today. I was at a client's just counting the seconds until I could leave. Yesterday I didn't eat much. It was just one of those days when you don't get around to it. I had two apples, a handful of nuts, half a banana, and a bunch of grapes all day. Today I felt it. Besides being out of it a little, I was also hungry every half hour. I think I ate all day. Two nectarines, two peaches, grapes, an apple, two bananas, a few flax crackers, and a salad. Hopefully, tomorrow will even out and I'll go back to my regular eating.

Thu Jun 30, 2005, 7:10 PM

Wow, another day without the ability to focus and work. I'm hoping it will pass, I have two projects to finish in the next few days. It doesn't affect my wanting to stay raw but makes me worry if I'm getting enough of what my body needs. It could be detox. I'm in a wait and see mode.

Tonight I went out with friends to a bar and had a great time. No one bugs me about not drinking or eating, no one even asks. That's just nice.

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