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The statistics vary when it comes to bariatric surgery as to the death rate, hospital readmissions for complications and additional surgeries, after surgery death rate and those who return for a reversal. Death rate is somewhere between 1/2% and 4%. That means that between 1 and 8 out of every 200 people who have the surgery will die! That is an unacceptable risk! I can't imagine any other voluntary surgery being allowed with such horrible odds.

There are no long term studies about the health issues malabsorbtion and malnutrition will have on people who are going after this supposedly no effort diet. But no effort is really a lie, isn't it. Do your research. The recommended diet is 1100 calories a day. Exercise is recommended for optimal weight loss, and they advise that you can eat through the surgery and not lose weight at all. Then, even when you do lose weight with this surgery they say it will be only 75% to 85% of the weight you need to lose. Where is the magic in this?

In reading about this surgery, I found a woman who had the surgery explain it like this: "How it works is by punishing you for overeating." Punishing you? You will be told after this surgery to take small bites, chew and chew and chew. One small meal should take you 30 to 60 minutes to eat. You can't eat and drink at the same time. You have to live on a regimen of: it's 5AM take a supplement pill . It’s 7AM drink half a cup of juice. It’s 9AM take 30 minutes to eat one scrambled egg. It’s 11AM drink half a cup of milk, etc. If you don't follow this type of schedule you will find yourself in the bathroom vomiting. If you overeat, you will vomit. If you eat and drink at the same time you will vomit, or may even rupture yourself. And this is for the people who do not have complications. Come on, is that how you want to live the rest of your life?

On the Today show a while back they had a few women on who had the surgery; one's life was transformed, the other was bulimic. She had not changed her life style, all she had done was live with the strict dictator of her stomach, but once the vomiting stopped punishing her fear seeped in that she would gain the weight back and she took on a very dangerous habit to maintain her weight. The truth is she was right, you can gain weight back after surgery. Your stomach will stretch, your old habits will creep back in. You will have learned nothing, because you did not take charge of your own life, you gave it over to doctors who see you as nothing more than dollar signs.

Forgive me if your doctor is different, but at close to $40,000 per operation and insurance taking on the brunt of it, many doctors are leaving their regular practice to get in on this lucrative field. We, the obese, are nothing more than their retirement plans. They know there is no solid evidence as to how this will affect their patient’s future, yet they tell you there is no other options. Bull...

Still not convinced? Please, go to this website: I Want to Live. Read the stories of these people and join their forum. Investigate, Investigate, Investigate. Doctors have come up with this solution for us. We need to find our own solutions. Healthy ones. And if your saying you are so unhealthy already the risk of dying or being in a coma or having nine post operations are worth it, think again. There is only one way to be healthy: A good sound diet and exercise. Even the surgeons who will cut open your stomach and put you on a very limited diet will tell you without the proper diet and exercise the surgery will do nothing.

Now that I have said "sound diet" you are going to question Raw Food, right? Okay, maybe we don't eat a lot of meat, which we all know is bad for us, but you will be eating so many healthy foods in such a large quantity that you really don't even have to take a vitamin. No, we don't drink soda or sports drinks, but we do drink lots of pure water. Your doctor may balk at this diet as extreme, but be honest, compare it to surgery. Having someone tie off or cut out part of your stomach and intestines is a lot more extreme than giving up meat and cooked foods. And on this alternative fast weight method for losing weight you'll never have to nibble your food, you will learn how to eat properly, and if you join Raw Food Boot Camp, we'll help you keep motivated to exercise and follow a healthy 100% Simple Raw diet. The weight will fall off as fast, if not faster, and you will reach your goal not just 75% of it.