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Update as of May 9, 2009
(my weight loss story is below this update)

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Since 2005 I have been coaching morbidly obese women to lose weight fast over at Raw Food Boot Camp. I have learned many things during this time. The most important being that we all have the capacity to lose large amounts of weight fast if that is what we truly want to do.

An all raw diet is hard for most obese men and women, and although I believe it is a great way for fast weight loss, I have developed a new program to help anyone who is obese drop their weight fast without feeling as though they are in dieting prison.

This new approach flips things around and is almost harder than a strict diet because I make you work with me to discover the perfect diet for you, and I am doing this with great success.

Each person is an individual. There is no one commercial diet that works for everyone. My approach is to break you out of diet mode which is always overwhelming for the obese, and work with you to create a diet and exercise program that will work for you for life.

I hate to say this, but there is no magic door at the end of weight loss. If you don't change, if you don't rewrite your relationship with food, if you don't make activity a part of your life, you can lose as much weight as you want, but you will never keep it off.

Together we tackle this bigger problem first and then mold what we know will work for weight loss. You choose if you want fast or steady weight loss. You choose what foods are in your personalized diet. You choose the exercise (although I will have lots of input for you). And then you use this individualized plan to get to your goal weight.

The idea of losing weight on a diet, whether raw or any other type of diet, is out the door. We are obese. Our bodies will not ever handle eating the way we perceive "normal" people eat. For the rest of our lives we must watch what we eat and we must exercise. There is no way around that. But it does not mean deprivation or a sense of being an outsider with your friends and family. It means coming into my support program with an open mind and a willingness to shove all your preconceived ideas about how to eat for a healthy weight out the door so we can develop how YOU can eat for a life-time of thin and healthy.

Learn more at my website: www.CarleneJones.com and see before and afters of some of the women I have helped lose large amounts of weight since losing my own.

I have copied my journal from Alissa Cohen's Raw Food Talk site and posted it here. I fixed some spelling, but left it as it was. In a few places I added notes, labeled as such, to clarify something.

When I talk about people, they are members of Alissa's site. Without the community and journaling area Alissa created, I don't know if I would have been as successful as I have. Finding a supportive community was such a blessing. Journaling constantly reminded me of my goals. Knowing others would read that journal gave me a sense of obligation to succeed.

I started this adventure in May of 2005. I didn't start journaling until I started Alissa's 30 day challenge on June 5, 2005. Since I don't have an exact start date, I have estimated my start with raw as May 15, 2005.

As of November 23, 2005 I have started to journal here so I can talk about this site and the Raw Food Boot Camp.











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